[Homeroast] DIY coffee liqueur request

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Not sure how a "hot" infuse would happen without evaporating the alcohol . Interesting question though. Just asked my partner and she said she once had a recipe but can't remember it . She did say it was vodka based. I'm wondering how a brandy base, or even a whisky base, would do. I am going to be following this thread with interest . 


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So, I'm actually thinking ahead for the holidays.  Looking at a 
homemade coffee liqueur.  Does anyone have any recipes they have 
actually tried? 

I've done the web scouring bit and there are two major camps.  Hot 
and cold infused (we are not going to talk instant). 

Also, I'm not adverse to just devising my own recipe, but there is on 
thing I'm unclear on.  How strong should the resulting liqueur 
be?  And 'to taste' isn't helpful. I'm meaning drip, moka, espresso 
strength for instance for 'traditional'.  I've seen 1:4 to 1:8 
(grounds to liquid).  And how much should that change whether it is 
hot or cold brewed? 

Alchemist John 
Alchemist at large 

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