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Terry: I fabricated it out of high temp insulation from McMaster-Carr. Not
hard to do actually.

Another thing about the Quest and circuitry loads I've noticed is this: I
plug all kinds of things into my Kill o Watt meter to see  what's going on.
My IR2, the Behmor, microwave, even my toaster draw heavy wattage, like
1500+ watts (or in the 15A range). But the Quest draws a steady 900-1000
watts at my personal highest setting for a 300g load (only about 75% of max
power). One reason is that the analog nature of the Quest. Other appliances
cycle on and off at 100% power, like a microwave. This irritates me. If I
want 50% heat, I don't want 100% power on for half of the time. So the
gentle load the Quest pulls on a circuit is nice and the steady heat is a
blessing to me.

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This 110v issue is why I put a thermal blanket (insulation) on my Quest.

I have been a long-time fan of my RK Drum. The one thing I would like to
add, and have had trouble finding is a thermal blanket for the BBQ body.
Where did you get yours?

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