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Hold onto your checkbook. Before I bought the Quest I went so far to get pricing on a small shop roaster.  Back then $5000 and then there is installation. Venting and gas.  You will find a significant improvement in the roast quality with the quest. One thing I determined in my search, 110VAC can only do so much and that's what you get with the quest.  I would not buy a 1 pound roaster that roasted using 110VAC.  The issue with 220 is safety.  I believe the reason the big Hoptop has not hit the market yet is specifically these reasons.  In my experience with th Behmor, it didnt get hot. Enough and i couldnt shut down the roast fast enough.  Anyway, good luck.

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> I've been using a Behmor for about 5 years.  I like the larger batch capability as I roast weekly.  I confess, the wonderment of home roast has subsided and it has become a chore.  (take a deep breath, fellow homeroasters!)  It's a necessary chore to be sure - I have no intent to descend into commercial coffee.
> With that said, I'm interested in better profile control than I get with the Behmor.  The Quest and Hottop have been non-starters due to batch size.  So here I remain, waiting for another large-batch (home) roaster to show up.
> Bob
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> I bought my Quest 3 from SWEET MARIA...
> Phil, roast the way you want. simply because you can roast multiple roasts
> does not mean you must.
> roast what you want when you want and how you want.
> remember some people want to roast large amounts and do not want to buy a
> big roaster or us a BBQ drum outside,
> I do not do tons of back to back roasting...
> your Quest 3 will not suffer is you only roast once a month.
> ginny
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