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Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Sun May 12 11:15:57 CDT 2013

I've been using a Behmor for about 5 years.  I like the larger batch 
capability as I roast weekly.  I confess, the wonderment of home roast has 
subsided and it has become a chore.  (take a deep breath, fellow 
homeroasters!)  It's a necessary chore to be sure - I have no intent to 
descend into commercial coffee.

With that said, I'm interested in better profile control than I get with the 
Behmor.  The Quest and Hottop have been non-starters due to batch size.  So 
here I remain, waiting for another large-batch (home) roaster to show up.


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I bought my Quest 3 from SWEET MARIA...

Phil, roast the way you want. simply because you can roast multiple roasts
does not mean you must.

roast what you want when you want and how you want.

remember some people want to roast large amounts and do not want to buy a
big roaster or us a BBQ drum outside,
I do not do tons of back to back roasting...

your Quest 3 will not suffer is you only roast once a month.

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