[Homeroast] New roaster

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Sat May 11 10:22:38 CDT 2013

I have a question on how you actually use your Quest.  I have a Gene Café
but I'm thinking of buying a Quest.

I read from the reviews it is a good roaster to do many batches in one
session, one right after another.  I find myself wondering if my own style
just doesn't line up with that.  With my Gene Café, I typically do one or
two batches in a session and that's it.  

If I only want to do one or two batches every couple of weeks, is the Quest
not suited for that usage style?


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I'm sure my palate is not as educated as most of you, but I've been doing
300g roasts in my Quest loading at 210c on the avg @ 9 amps, backing off to
7.5 at 1st crack, and been getting excellent roasts (for me, at least as
good as my old HotTop). Roasts are quite even, except where expected because
of the particular bean.

I tend to do City+ roasts, no 2nd crack, or occasionally just into.

Has anybody else tried and gotten bad roasts to their opinion at this load

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