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taste is a huge factor here Ivan, maybe yours is more refined then mine.

I think any roasting method is great and will/can produce excellent
results. it is fresh remember...

please do not dismiss other/less expensive methods of roasting. we all
cannot afford a 900.00 roaster.

the nae is fresh not how much the roaster cost.


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> I'm sure my palate is not as educated as most of you, but I've been doing
> 300g roasts in my Quest loading at 210c on the avg @ 9
> amps, backing off to 7.5 at 1st crack, and been getting excellent roasts
> (for me, at least as good as my old HotTop). Roasts are
> quite even, except where expected because of the particular bean.
> I tend to do City+ roasts, no 2nd crack, or occasionally just into.
> Has anybody else tried and gotten bad roasts to their opinion at this load
> range?
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> Ok, here's my general observation of various roast methods and the
> characteristics they impart to the bean.
> Quest is the great for whatever you want to acheive. And yes, back-to-back
> roasts are easy as pie. I have done 8 in a row. You want
> short quick ramp and finish roasts for brightness, good. You want slow
> ramp and long roasts for espresso and lowered acid, good. You
> want anything in between, good.
> You get convection heat galore and conduction. Really, the variables are
> nigh infinite with heat ramp, convection ramps via fan,
> batch sizes, and cooling speeds. Quest, like Hottop, gets beans OUT of the
> roaster immediately for cooling, and this helps beans
> retain a snappy flavor, not a baked or dullish flavor (one more reason I
> don't like the Behmor).
> IR2 and poppers (or airguns) are very fast, and make very bright roasts,
> mostly best for lighter roasts. Nearly pure convection
> heat.
> Whirley pop, duller roasts and lots of problems. I never do this anymore.
> All conduction heat, bad.
> Genecafe and Hottop, no experience with them, but I hear good things about
> the latter for getting the widest range of roast
> characteristics like Quest.
> Behmore, meh. Ok, but roasts can be dullish too. Too much pure radiant
> heat and not enough convection or conduction heat. I did find
> this unit made great long roasts for espresso.
> IMHO, the homeroaster can find no better high-end off-the-shelf roaster
> than the Quest or the Hottop.
> Ivan
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