[Homeroast] New roaster

sci scizen at gmail.com
Thu May 9 12:36:56 CDT 2013

Ok, here's my general observation of various roast methods and the
characteristics they impart to the bean.

Quest is the great for whatever you want to acheive. And yes, back-to-back
roasts are easy as pie. I have done 8 in a row. You want short quick ramp
and finish roasts for brightness, good. You want slow ramp and long roasts
for espresso and lowered acid, good. You want anything in between, good.
You get convection heat galore and conduction. Really, the variables are
nigh infinite with heat ramp, convection ramps via fan, batch sizes, and
cooling speeds. Quest, like Hottop, gets beans OUT of the roaster
immediately for cooling, and this helps beans retain a snappy flavor, not a
baked or dullish flavor (one more reason I don't like the Behmor).

IR2 and poppers (or airguns) are very fast, and make very bright roasts,
mostly best for lighter roasts. Nearly pure convection heat.

Whirley pop, duller roasts and lots of problems. I never do this anymore.
All conduction heat, bad.

Genecafe and Hottop, no experience with them, but I hear good things about
the latter for getting the widest range of roast characteristics like Quest.

Behmore, meh. Ok, but roasts can be dullish too. Too much pure radiant heat
and not enough convection or conduction heat. I did find this unit made
great long roasts for espresso.

IMHO, the homeroaster can find no better high-end off-the-shelf roaster
than the Quest or the Hottop.


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