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Josh Housh joshhoush at sweetmarias.com
Wed May 8 21:06:23 CDT 2013

Great discussion thread folks, I think the original question has been a bit
buried though.  It wasn't 'which is the best drum-style home roaster?'.  I
am lucky enough to have roasted on many of the home roasters as well as
larger shop roasters but am by no means an expert. Most of you have more
roasting experience than I.  The thing that strikes me as different about
the "cup quality" of the same coffee roasted on 7 differerent machines is
the level/intensity of sweetness.  I believe with more manual controls,
i.e. Probat/Quest/Hottop the roaster is able to use their skill, expertise,
and experience to coax the best cup quality possible out of the machine and
therefore the most sweetness (who on the list has ever tried to tone that
down?)  I'm a musician so to me this is like a classical pianist who can
play Bach like nobody's business on a piano but might be hardpressed to
sound great on a synthesizer. One instrument allows you to express the
depth of your talent (and reveal your limitations if you aren't that great)
the other allows you to sound killer even if you haven't practiced that
much but is difficult to really impress an audience with, sonically
speaking. OK, enough metaphor. If you are the kind of roaster that cares
enough to learn the nuances of each lot, desires to be a virtuoso just to
conquer that bean, and wants control/responsibilty the choices are clear;
if you are interested in pleasing the crowd, putting in minimal effort, and
drinking great coffee then grab a popper, a skillet, a Behmor and have at
it. Sometimes the addage 'you get what you pay for' is apt.

On Wednesday, May 8, 2013, sci wrote:

> I have a Quest M3 for two years now. LOVE IT! Had a Behmor. Hated it. Sold
> it. Have IR2. It's ok.
> My Quest is full manual and very responsive to tiny inputs with its analog
> controls. You set it at 78% of its heat capacity, and it outputs 78%, none
> of that on/off cycling like the Behmore. Ditto for fan.
> I can roast up to 300g batches fine, but I did add a thermal blanket around
> the drum. It detracts from appearance somewhat, but it makes the Quest
> perform much better and consistently (and saves a little juice), whether in
> cold or warm conditions.
> The build quality of the Quest is top notch, very solid.
> You will want to add a bean temp prob and perhaps an ET prob. With that you
> can get the results you want, but it is also more hands on. With my IR2, I
> have little control, but can walk away for a couple of minutes.
> Hope that helps,
> Ivan
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