[Homeroast] New Roaster

sci scizen at gmail.com
Wed May 8 14:08:33 CDT 2013

I have a Quest M3 for two years now. LOVE IT! Had a Behmor. Hated it. Sold
it. Have IR2. It's ok.
My Quest is full manual and very responsive to tiny inputs with its analog
controls. You set it at 78% of its heat capacity, and it outputs 78%, none
of that on/off cycling like the Behmore. Ditto for fan.
I can roast up to 300g batches fine, but I did add a thermal blanket around
the drum. It detracts from appearance somewhat, but it makes the Quest
perform much better and consistently (and saves a little juice), whether in
cold or warm conditions.

The build quality of the Quest is top notch, very solid.
You will want to add a bean temp prob and perhaps an ET prob. With that you
can get the results you want, but it is also more hands on. With my IR2, I
have little control, but can walk away for a couple of minutes.

Hope that helps,

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