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Larry Dorman ldorman at gmail.com
Fri May 3 12:36:59 CDT 2013

I'm able to roast up to 1 lb. at a time.  The spacer between the turbo oven
and the stir crazy is an aluminum yardstick through which I'd drilled a
hole each inch and then just shaped it to run around the inside of the stir
crazy lip.  This provides about an inch of lift between the turbo oven and
the stir crazy / beans.  This was an absolute requirement...  before that
spacer it was difficult to roast even 1/2 lb without scorching the beans.

The stir crazy only has very minor modifications:
1)  I broke the nut and threaded post off that holds the stirring arms in
place (oops).  To fix that I finished removing the post down to the base
and then drilled a small hole.  I used a screw and washer to then secure
the stirring arms.

2) I took copper tubing (I think 3/8"... hard to remember at this point)
and crimped it over the wire stirring arms to turn the arms into paddles.
 I did the crimping by slowly squeezing the tubing in a bench vise until
flattened around the arms.  The tilt of the paddles remains adjustable and
I've never had any problem with them moving either off the arms or angle.

3) I took a copper cap (3/4"?) and cut a small slot across it so that it
would snap on to the stirring arms really close to the center... this just
provides a little shielding to the middle and I'm not sure it provides much
value.  I have another stir crazy I'm about to convert.  If I go without
the cap then I'll report back on how that works out.

In that same Flickr photo set (
http://www.flickr.com/photos/bestfx/sets/1071789/with/8704038058/) you can
see some closeup shots of the stir crazy modifications.


On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 10:43 AM, J3R <j at j3r.org> wrote:

> On 13-05-03 12:27 AM, Larry Dorman wrote:
>> I've finally gotten around to uploading a picture of my current roasting
>> setup.  http://flic.kr/p/eg9tgG
>> I have this in my garage and vent it out the window...  picked up the hood
>> fan for $5 at a yard sale.
>> Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.
>> LarryD
> I think this is great. What is the capacity? Do you have a chaff
> management system in there? If you don't mind, list what is in the stir
> crazy setup, I would like to make one but I am not sure exactly what pieces
> are necessary.
> Thanks,
> Jer
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