[Homeroast] I almost forgot how much I enjoy roasting Kona

Seth Grandeau grandeau at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 11:14:24 CDT 2013

I dug up about 2/3 lb of 2010 Kowali Farms coffee at the bottom of my
stash.  I knew it was past it's prime, but I wanted to roast it, so into
the Behmor it went.  First crack came on very loud and very clear after
17:30, with nearly no outliers, just straight into first crack.  It was
rolling, loud and strong by 17:50.  By 19:10, first crack was down to just
a few outliers, so I cut the heat and let it coast into a nice City+.

Compared to African coffees, Konas always seem so well behaved in roasting.
 Very clear stages, even progression, and loud clear pops.  In a few days,
I look forward to enjoying a cup of this.  Cheers!

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