[Homeroast] Homeroast Digest, Vol 62, Issue 5

Steve Hamm steve.hamm at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 12:23:35 CDT 2013

Thanks for the info, Paul. Comments below.

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Paul Jolly <pauljolly65 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> The Luis Alberto Ambito was very limited, so one pound was all you could
> buy.
> Steve, I roasted 8 oz in the Behmor to City+/FC.  I've found that coffees
> roasted in the Behmor take a longer rest to develop, and this was true
> here.  After 5 days, it started to come into its own beautifully -
> well-balanced and interesting from start to finish.  Really nice sweetness
> as it cooled.  I found it more complex than the other highly-rated
> Columbian, but both were very good.

I also got a pound of the other Columbian (whose name escapes me at the
moment); haven't roasted it yet.

My roaster is a bit limited; it's a Ronco Showtime with a stainless steel
mesh cylinder over the spit. No control over the power (lots of projects).
I get nice results on lots of beans, but it falls flat on some - I hit 1st
crack at 15 to 18 minutes; varying the door position lets me stretch things
a bit heading to second crack. Crude but generally effective -- a
Troglodyte ancestor of the Behmor.

I've got some SM Bolivia Organic Buenavista which I'm really enjoying at
the moment; though lower-rated than the Columbian, it's nice: dark
chocolate, sweet, good body.

> Different brewing techniques can yield different results, as I'm sure you
> know.  I've used a Hario and a Bonmac enough to know that the former
> emphasizes brightness while the latter brings out more body.  Try a slower
> drip, if you can.
> I have a Technivorm brewer; about all I can do is use the "half open"
setting which seems unnecessary most of the time. Maybe I'll give that a
try when I roast the other Columbian.


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