[Homeroast] Distilled H2O vs RO

Raybob Bowman raybob at tube-tone.com
Thu Jun 27 13:01:47 CDT 2013

On 6/27/2013 10:00 AM, homeroast-request at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com wrote:
> From: John Nanci<john at chocolatealchemy.com>
> Good and BAD flavors too.  Too each his own.  And sadly, your beliefs
> do not match the experimental data AT ALL.
Sure matches ALL my experimental data.  Coffee with pure H2O is the only 
kind I can drink cup of, then go to sleep within minutes every night, 
for many many years now.  Any other water, including that brand of 
distilled that says "made by steam distillation and ozonation", then it 
can take hours to sleep, for me.
>   There is this nifty thing
> called co-extraction.  Basically, minerals in water, carrying a
> heavier charge than water, can and do actually extract more flavor
> components from your coffee.  It's generally why (and resoundingly
> so) people find coffee brewed with water with mineral content find it
> has 'more body'.  It's not the minerals you are tasting per se, but
> the extra compounds in coffee that it is pulling out.
Guess I need to google "co-extraction".


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