[Homeroast] Distilled H2O vs RO

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Wed Jun 26 14:27:08 CDT 2013

Good and BAD flavors too.  Too each his own.  And sadly, your beliefs 
do not match the experimental data AT ALL.  There is this nifty thing 
called co-extraction.  Basically, minerals in water, carrying a 
heavier charge than water, can and do actually extract more flavor 
components from your coffee.  It's generally why (and resoundingly 
so) people find coffee brewed with water with mineral content find it 
has 'more body'.  It's not the minerals you are tasting per se, but 
the extra compounds in coffee that it is pulling out.

But as it's been said before, too each his own, and enjoy.


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>>Gaul stones? French rocks, (les pierres fran?ais), non?
>>Unless one has kidney and liver problems, doesn't the body simply 
>>excrete excess minerals? (Or so conventional medicine teaches).
>Pure h2o makes coffee taste so good because nothing is bonded to the 
>atoms, so it pulls ALL the flavor possible from the bean.  Your body 
>is mostly water.  If the water coming in your body (through skin and 
>mouth) is pure, everything flushes the way it should.  If anything 
>is already bonded to the h2o, it won't flush as good as it was 
>intended by the one who created it in the first place.
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