[Homeroast] Distilled H2O vs RO

Greg Gearheart olawai at gmail.com
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Your body is mostly made of water, yet your body has absolutely no pure
water in it anywhere... what a crazy conundrum.  Maybe distill yourself
before you dink you're distilled water coffee for the ultimate in purity.
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>> Gaul stones? French rocks, (les pierres fran?ais), non?
>> Unless one has kidney and liver problems, doesn't the body simply excrete
>> excess minerals? (Or so conventional medicine teaches).
> Pure h2o makes coffee taste so good because nothing is bonded to the
> atoms, so it pulls ALL the flavor possible from the bean.  Your body is
> mostly water.  If the water coming in your body (through skin and mouth) is
> pure, everything flushes the way it should.  If anything is already bonded
> to the h2o, it won't flush as good as it was intended by the one who
> created it in the first place.
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