[Homeroast] Distilled H2O vs RO

Michael Baladi mike at baladi.ws
Tue Jun 25 14:02:20 CDT 2013

? Isn't distilled water a man made creation? I don't recall seeing a bunch of it out in the wild.

From: Homeroast [homeroast-bounces at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com] On Behalf Of Raybob Bowman > Gaul stones? French rocks, (les pierres fran?ais), non?
> Unless one has kidney and liver problems, doesn't the body simply excrete excess minerals? (Or so conventional medicine teaches).
Pure h2o makes coffee taste so good because nothing is bonded to the
atoms, so it pulls ALL the flavor possible from the bean.  Your body is
mostly water.  If the water coming in your body (through skin and mouth)
is pure, everything flushes the way it should.  If anything is already
bonded to the h2o, it won't flush as good as it was intended by the one
who created it in the first place.

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