[Homeroast] Distilled H2O vs RO

Raybob Bowman raybob at tube-tone.com
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> Chlorine would only be there if YOU added
> it.  It's not part of every system.  You
> reference a military unit, not a home unit.   No comment about the solids.
> So, do you collect everything from your
> distiller?  All the organics that come off first
> (like benzene that you are trying to get rid of)
> before it's up to a boil or do you not start the
> cooling coil until the organics have been released into the air?
> John
Not sure how it works but as it heats up, there's a vent to let out 
gasses prior to the pressure from boiling water to let off gasses from 
things that boil below 212F.  When pressure happens, vent closes and 
steam goes through coil over fan.  I would think anything boiling below 
212 would be forced out as vapor in less than the first minute of the 3 
hours steam is condensed.  I don't think the coil cools low enough to 
turn other vapors back to liquid.


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