[Homeroast] Distilled H2O vs RO

Greg Gearheart olawai at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 13:45:26 CDT 2013

Raybob, you seem like a nice guy.  And your feelings about water are very
sincere.  But there is something I feel you really need to know.  Without
electrolytes, nothing on this planet will grow.  Brawndo has electrolytes.
 Your distilled water does not.

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 11:31 AM, Raybob Bowman <raybob at tube-tone.com>wrote:

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>> Subject: Re: [Homeroast] Distilled H2O vs RO
>> A very fast Google search pulled up basic RO systems ranging from
>> $149 to $499.  Seems most make 10-15 gallons a day.  I had a heavy
>> duty one about 10 years ago.  It was about $800.  The water was high
>> enough in salt that distillation was not recommended due to the heavy
>> wear on it (2000 ppm NaCl).
>> Raybob, how does your distiller work?  Do you have to set up a cool
>> water condenser?  Does it turn off automatically?  How do you decide
>> when to start collecting the water?
> Mine will hook up to water line or can be filled from top. If filled from
> top, it will do one gallon. Hooked to water line, timer can be set for up
> to 4 gallons until shut-off. The boiling tank has vapor line from top of
> tank to cooling coil under a fan. Has stainless steel tank under unit that
> holds 4 gallons, with tap to fill bottles from.
> As for reverse osmosis, I looked up the wiki article and found why I have
> trouble sleeping when that type of water.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/**Reverse_osmosis_water_**purification_unit<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_osmosis_water_purification_unit>says:
> "The clarified water is then fed through a high-pressure piston pump into
> a series of vessels where it is subject to reverse osmosis. The product
> water is free of 90.00–99.98% of the raw water's total dissolved solids and
> by military standards, should have no more than 1000–1500 parts per million
> by measure of electrical conductivity. It is then disinfected with chlorine
> and stored for later use."
> First, chlorine is a killer. Second, leaving 10.0~0.02 percent of solid
> waste is too much for my stomach, not to mention my health. There is 0.00
> percent of anything left in water that has been purified by distillation.
> Same process God uses to make the morning dew.
> Raybob
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