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John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
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I fully agree Mike.  I think we are on the same page.  If I left the 
impression it could not be done, then that was not the intent.  Just 
that it could not be done without added pressure.  The main trick 
with all of them is getting the coffee into a sealed container.  You 
could not pull a shot just into a cup - you would have hot coffee 
blobs everywhere as the coffee bounced right out of the cup.  A 
sealed press pot with a straw port in place is where I would go with it :)

At 09:13 AM 6/18/2013, you wrote:
>If I was in charge of food and beverage at NASA do believe coffee would be
>brewed in zero gravity.
>The most obvious candidate would be espresso extraction method of brewing.
>It's a sealed system with water supplied under low pressure (direct plumbed
>machines) that creates ~130psi to push the water through the coffee and
>Press Pot, Aeropress and Moka Pots off the top of my head could also work to
>brew coffee since all have pressure applied to force the water through the
>Each would have it's own set of challenges to be actually workable in zero
>gravity of course. Grinding for the shot could maybe be done with a modified
>Swift grinder with added airflow and sealed path to PF. Keeping the shot in
>a demitasse as it slowly moved from PF to demi, hit the demi and bounced out
>hmmm, have to work on that! Getting water into a Press Pot or Aeropress or
>Moka Pot a different challenge. Many more I'm sure. Regardless brewing in
>zero gravity "could" be done! (Given enough money to throw at the challenge
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>And just what pray tell are those 'other processes'?  What I see is filter,
>pressure to use the filter (note, you can't filter anything, ever, without
>pressure) and spaces on both sides of the filter.
>Bringing this to coffee, we filter drip coffee with paper or metal filter.
>Water is applied to one side with the grounds we with to filter out.
>Gravity supplies the force.  Filtered coffee comes out the side opposite the
>force.  You can't filter coffee in space, due to the lack of gravity,
>without applying  an outside force, but do so does not mean you are using
>other processes than just filtering.
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