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Reverse Osmosis RO can get virtually all dissolved solids, organic and
inorganic compounds, out of water. HOW? For those convinced that
distillation alone can do this, H2O is a tiny molecule. Few molecules are
tinier, and they are usually found as gasses. Even most atoms are larger.
This is fortunate for us. Dissolved solids, both organic and inorganic, are
larger molecules. When the water is run through a RO  filtration, it
catches the larger molecules and washes them away. All that gets through
the filter is the tiny molecule H20. This is how some desalinization plants
work. They take salt (and other compounds) out of seawater with RO.  This
process even works with gasses. To give you an illustration, think of sand
and marbles mixed in a bucket. Sand=water. Marbles=other compounds. Now
pour the bucket through a fine screen. The sand goes through, the marbles
stay in the screen. RO works in a very similar way, but under very high
pressure so that some water stays behind to flush away the dissolved
solids. This keeps the filter clean. It is self cleaning.
Taking sugar out of water with RO filtration would be very easy.
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> "You can't pour water with soluble chemicals through any type of filter to
> make them get out of the water.  Only distillation separates them from the
> water."
> Wow - so I suppose I was hallucinating the whole time when I observed the
> purity of my laboratory water which had all the "soluble chemicals"
> by membranes and deionization resin, or my water softener at home doesn't
> really work either.   And the entire water purification industry has it
> wrong and is a huge scam.
> This argument is futile and I can go no further..
> --mike
Mike, if you mix sugar in water, it becomes sugar-water.  You can't
filter out the sugar, it pours right through whatever is in that
filter.  How can a membrane remove sugar?  Can you pee through those
membranes and then deionize it, then make coffee with it?  I don't think
so.  You might just do that, but there's no way I'd drink it. The ONLY
way to remove solubles from H2O is by distillation.


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