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There is no shame in basic ignorance; we are all ignorant about some things, 
but WILLFUL ignorance is something else entirely. This is when a person is 
presented with the proper facts from reputable sources and chooses to remain 
ignorant. Unfortunately many people in this country are now choosing willful
ignorance as a way of life. They prefer to not let facts get in the way of a 
good story. It has been said that a person is entitled to his own opinion 
(opinions are like "rectums," everyone has one) but no one is entitled to 
his own facts.


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I've heard the saying "ignorance is bliss", sometimes ignorance is just

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Glad to hear that.  I was just about to offer you my place in front of the
wall I was beating my head against.  It's no softer now, but I was going to
offer nonetheless.

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At 07:52 AM 6/13/2013, you wrote:
>"You can't pour water with soluble chemicals through any type of filter
>to make them get out of the water.  Only distillation separates them
>from the water."
>Wow - so I suppose I was hallucinating the whole time when I observed
>the purity of my laboratory water which had all the "soluble chemicals"
>removed by membranes and deionization resin, or my water softener at home
>really work either.   And the entire water purification industry has it all
>wrong and is a huge scam.
>This argument is futile and I can go no further..
>On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 4:16 PM, Raybob Bowman <raybob at tube-tone.com>
> >
> >>  When I lived in a friend's house in Pacifica, CA, homeowner got
> >> report
> > periodically, of amounts of various things in the water. Benzine was
> > on the list with measured amounts, as was bromine or bromide, don't
> > remember what that was called.
> >
> > Benzine is in air pollution from petroleum burning.  Rain brings
> > that to ground water.  It boils at 120, not 212.  If you heat tap
> > water and see steam before it reaches boiling temp, you have passed
> > other boiling points for benzine and bromine, to name a few solubles
> > that boil off before water does.  Bromine boils off at 145F and
> > Benzine boils off at 176F.  You can't pour water with soluble
> > chemicals through any type of filter to make them get out of the water.
Only distillation separates them from the water.
> >
> >

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