[Homeroast] How to make coffee, in the 17th century: How to make coffee, in the 17th century

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Fun read...and not too different from what most of us actually do.

I have wanted to find one of those spit-roasters in an old sale somewhere,
clean it up and use it to roast over a charcoal fire or in the fireplace. I
think it'd be a kick.

In the literature of America, it seems roasting levels when from light to
darker as one moves westward. "American" roast is considered rather light
and was the common roast of the NE states. Once folks arrived on the west
coast, coffee was considerably darker roasted - as evidenced in the
literature and by the trends we saw with Starbucks, et al. in Seattle and
San Francisco.

I wonder it that had to do with patience, the pace of life, and the use of
a spit-roaster.

1700 Guy in New York: "Mabel! Isn't that coffee done yet? I've got to get
down to the mercantile!"
Goodly Wife, Mabel: "Yes Dear! Right away (sigh!)" [...as she hurriedly
pulls the beans from the fire just past a cinnamon roast.]

1800 Cook in Kentucky on a wagon train to the Western Wilderness drive:
"You fellas want some coffee?"
Fellow wagon train wranglers: "Sure, Cookie! Throw some more beans in that
there pan. Let us know when she's done."
Cook: "All-righty, boys! I sure wish'n I had my ol' roasting spit, but it
wouldn't fit in the cookin' kit this time 'round. This here fry pan will do
just nicely...whoa! looks like some o' them there beans will be a little
dark tonight!" [...puling beans at a Full-City roast with a little tipping.]

1900 Guy in Seattle: "Millicent, how's the coffee coming? I need something
to really wake me up on these cloudy days!"
Millicent: "The roast is about done, Honey. I know how you like your coffee
strong and dark. It'll be a little bit yet."
Guy: "That's just fine. They'll wait for me down at the fish market. I'm
their best fish pitcher."

Best to all,

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> Not so different, except the part about boiling the coffee powder.
> http://askthepast.blogspot.com/2013/06/how-to-make-coffee-1685.html
> "Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens."
> — Jimi Hendrix
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