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John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Mon Jun 10 16:08:41 CDT 2013

GAHHHH - I thought I gave up...but now I really do.  No really.  It's 
just not worth the effort to try and educate someone of blatantly 
wrongs statements when they have a closed mind.

Enjoy your distilled water coffee.


At 01:16 PM 6/10/2013, you wrote:
>On 6/10/2013 10:00 AM, homeroast-request at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com wrote:
>>From: John Nanci <john at chocolatealchemy.com>
>>"all that benzine (sic)"  I just have to ask, all what benzene?  In
>>15 years analyzing for benzene, I never found it once in water that
>>was not a ground monitoring well (and not used for drinking).  As for
>>what organics, usually those refer to THM's and HAA's - both
>>disinfection by products of chlorination.   And all 18 mohm and RO
>>systems I ever used had carbon filters also in place to deal with
>>removing those low level organics.
>When I lived in a friend's house in Pacifica, CA, homeowner got 
>report periodically, of amounts of various things in the water. 
>Benzine was on the list with measured amounts, as was bromine or 
>bromide, don't remember what that was called.
>Benzine is in air pollution from petroleum burning.  Rain brings 
>that to ground water.  It boils at 120, not 212.  If you heat tap 
>water and see steam before it reaches boiling temp, you have passed 
>other boiling points for benzine and bromine, to name a few solubles 
>that boil off before water does.  Bromine boils off at 145F and 
>Benzine boils off at 176F.  You can't pour water with soluble 
>chemicals through any type of filter to make them get out of the 
>water.  Only distillation separates them from the water.
>>Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 12:24:23 -0400
>>From: Mike Koenig <koenig.mike at gmail.com>
>>I'm trying not to sound arrogant or preacy here, but please know that you
>>are trying to argue science and water purification with a number of us who
>>have extensive first-hand knowledge and experience in this field, and don't
>>try to convince us that there is some "magic" going on with distillation
>>that makes it better or more pure than high-purity water produced by RO
>>and/or deionization (often called 18-megohm water due to the electrical
>>resistance of completely pure water).    You might be better served by
>>opening your mind and listening to those of us who know a thing or two,
>>rather than thinking you know better.
>>In the world of water purification, single steam distillation is pretty
>>lousy, and won't remove volatile organic components (benzene, to use your
>>example,  being one of them, though it's almost never a problem in
>>municipal tap water).   Your comment about "drinking all that benzene"
>>makes it very clear that you have been fed a lot of conspiracy theories and
>>propaganda by someone, and that you don't really know the subject very
>I believe my personal experiences (and my 96 year old deceased 
>grandparents) have very much "extensive first-hand knowledge and 
>experience in this field".  My internal scientific meter can tell me 
>after at least 1/2 gallon that a water labeled "distilled" on the 
>bottle has fine print that says "made from distillation AND 
>ozonation".  My gut can tell that.  My grandparents had bottled 
>water brought to them by 5 gal bottles, ever since I can remember. 
>In 1982, they bought their home distiller and used that soley until 
>they had the nurse move in.  They were both very healthy at 96, when 
>my dad treated them to a live-in care provider.  They were both dead 
>within 1 year of that.  After they died is when my dad discovered 
>the live-ins were not running the still.
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