[Homeroast] Distilled H2O

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
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"all that benzine (sic)"  I just have to ask, all what benzene?  In 
15 years analyzing for benzene, I never found it once in water that 
was not a ground monitoring well (and not used for drinking).  As for 
what organics, usually those refer to THM's and HAA's - both 
disinfection by products of chlorination.   And all 18 mohm and RO 
systems I ever used had carbon filters also in place to deal with 
removing those low level organics.


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>>I tested with 18 mega ohm water, which is typically more pure than distilled.
>>See for examplehttp://www.ruf.rice.edu/~bioslabs/methods/solutions/water.html
>Not according to the link you just provided.. It says:
>Distilled water, obtained from the condensation of steam, is of 
>better quality because distillation eliminates all of the sediment 
>and most of the inorganic solutes. Organic contaminants and some of 
>the inorganic contaminants remain.
>Deionized water is produced by running tap water through a resin 
>cartridge or series of them. A home deionizing system might simply 
>replace divalent cations with sodium ions, producing what is 
>commonly known as "soft" water. Laboratory deionized water is 
>usually treated so as to remove both cations and anions, which are 
>exchanged for hydrogen and hydroxyl ions respectively. Deionized 
>water is often of better quality than distilled water although on 
>the downside, the resins used in the cartridges may release organic 
>contaminants into the water.
>FIrst, I'd like to know just what "Organic contaminants and some of 
>the inorganic contaminants remain", in pure H2O? Also RO doesn't 
>remove any of the benzine in the tap water. How in the world, could 
>you even sleep after drinking all that benzine? Again, could you, 
>for all those that are curious, taste test coffee made with pure 
>distilled water compared to your RO tap water? I know which is 
>better but you won't even try?
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