[Homeroast] electric roasters

Jeffrey Pawlan jpawlan at pawlan.com
Sat Jun 8 14:15:52 CDT 2013

I read all of the posts today and especially looked at this one:

"At that price and with all of the other concerns, it seems like there
would be better options.  Has anyone looked at the Amazon DL-A721-S? 
I just saw it mentioned by someone on Reddit.

The good news is that it is 220v.  The bad news is that the heater is 
only 1200w.  I designed and built the computer controlled roaster out 
of modified hottops. I specially ordered some higher power heaters 
(880w) from the manufacturer in Taiwan. That helped but still the 
hottop could not do a fast roast. Those heaters are no longer 
available and I do not have any more.

The Amazon looks like the Dietrich IR.  I wonder if the Chinese copied 
the Dietrich or if Dietrich buys theirs from China?  Regardless, I do 
not think highly of using an electric heater for large batches. By 
physical limitations, they cannot heat and cool quickly enough to do 
a good profile.

Regarding using a heatgun to supplement an underpowered home drum 
roaster, I had one CCR customer try that to get roasts as short as an 
air roaster. He caused the hottop to catch on fire and melt.


Jeffrey Pawlan

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