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Edward Bourgeois edbourgeois at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 07:39:16 CDT 2013

I saw the shell of it at SCAA with Randy. And Randy has mentioned a little
about it on H-B. The approx. price being way too high 5k+ Yes,seems it will
be under powered to come anywhere close to 1kg at the profiles many of us
use. From what I saw the fin design is still lacking too even though it was
known how mods to the fins of the old model helped significantly. This is a
mention from Randy on air flow" I have been led to believe that the air
flow apparently goes IN through the rear area now, is then ducted out of
the roasting chamber through metal tubes, through a newly designed chaff
filter, then through the fan and out the flexible vent hose that is
included with the roaster. rear area (motor, fan electronics). if that is
what they have done then there should be no chaff problems in the rear area
as before which should significantly increase the duration between
maintenance chores."
 Bubble burst.

On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 11:22 PM, miKe mcKoffee <mckona at comcast.net> wrote:

> Can't believe it's the first I've heard of it. Thought they were working on
> a 1lb not 1k. (for years now) How I'd love to see air-flow design diagrams.
> To pull of a 110v 1500w = 13.64A 1k roaster makes me think they may well be
> using air recirculation in combination with external air flow in. There are
> new(er) design large commercial drum roasters that are virtually smokeless
> and very energy efficient that use recirculation. During the recirculation
> the smoke is burned off versus traditional drum roaster with an
> after-burner
> to burn off the smoke after exiting. Potentially interesting indeed. With
> their spec'd 16-20min (on the long side IMO) roast times AT CAPACITY could
> mean at say ~1.64lb greens for 1.5lb yield could be decent profile control
> and 14 to 15 min times possible. Very interesting. Price point wise
> personally won't be surprised to see $1.5k to $2k, especially their stated
> target market. Time will tell. And questions like is their an actual bean
> mass temp probe (as well as environment temp of course) missing on all
> previous HotTop models. Deal breaker for me if no. All in all quite the
> tease of information (and lack of information) on the website!
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> After my experience I would be very concerned about roaster power and
> smoke.
> 1 kilo of coffee will put out an immense amount of smoke.
> Unless this roaster runs on 220VAC I would have concerns about adequate
> heat.
> Thanks,
> Hank
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> On Jun 7, 2013, at 7:31 PM, Steve Hamm <steve.hamm at gmail.com> wrote:
> > And regarding new roasters...
> >
> > I was about to pull the trigger on a basic Hottop. Sweet Maria's is
> > out of stock, so I went to the Hottop website to see what was up, and
> > lo and behold there is a new Hottop design on the way, in August or
> > September. It is supposed to  handle 1kg batches, and seems to be a
> > nice design in a number of ways, from what is said on the website. I
> > like that they say they merged the controls from the B and P models, I
> > like the screen being visible as you're looking at the beans roasting...
> >
> > Has anyone on the list from Sweet Maria's seen this beast? Comments?
> >
> > Needless to say, I'm not pulling the trigger until this comes out,
> > I've seen some reviews, and I find the price is near the current basic
> > model (hopefully). Now they just need to get this out before their
> > revenue stream dies.
> >
> > --Steve
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