[Homeroast] Distilled H2O (J3R)

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Wed Jun 5 07:51:23 CDT 2013

Oh, dude, get your science straight.  Minerals in your arteries?  Is 
this April 1?  You are killing us here.  The #1 recommendation for 
kidneys stones is to drink MORE water (with or without 
minerals).  The level of minerals in your water (well, not YOUR 
water) is so low compared to other sources as to be 
insignificant.   I'm with you Kirk.  Can I be part of your club? 
:)  OK, that's not meant to be mean, but shoosh.


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>>>> >>If you wait too long to clean your still, that sludge cakes to 
>>>> sides like
>>rocks.  Imagine what it does to people's arteries.<<
>>This is exactly the same pseudoscientific nonsense that the local Culligan
>>man and Kinetico guy tried on me to get me to install their water filters,
>>purifiers, and softeners. I asked them to leave when they got to this
>>point. Your body is not at all like plumbing pipes. Not in any way
>>materially or in biological functioning. This "sludge" is predominantly
>>harmless or beneficial minerals and does NOT in any case stick to your
>>arteries or "build up" as. Sludge in your blood or other body fluids. To
>>think so is...well...I stop here because this level of misinformation or
>>ignorance helps feed the sales charlatans across the continent who play on
>>people's ignorance and fear.
>>Again, do what you wish, but please get the biology right if you intend to
>>keep the thread going.
>>Kirk (resident anti-psuedoscientist)
>Kirk, do you think veins and arteries are tubes that have liquid 
>flowing in them?  Do you think they ever get restricted?  What do 
>you think restricts them?  Excess rocks (minerals).
>Ever hear of kidney "stones"?  These stones are excess minerals that 
>your body couldn't get rid of.  That means you had an excess of 
>minerals that couldn't be flushed out.
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