[Homeroast] Distilled H2O

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> Sorry Raybob, that is totally not true.  I've tested bottled water at
> the lab I worked for and there were very extensive standards it had
> to meet.  It was a very expensive, lengthy set of tests, with very
> stringent sub-sampling and compositing requirements.
> And PCB's?  No way. No how.  Where in the world did you get that
> information?  PCB's are not leached from any current food safe
> bottles (which much be used).  Phthalate - sure, but not PCB's.
> John
I don't know the names of all the toxins that contaminate our foods but 
there are nasty toxic things in plastic bottles of every grade, that 
leach into foods and drinks.


This one speaks of BPAs:


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