[Homeroast] Distilled H2O (J3R)

Janomac janomac at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 19:46:29 CDT 2013

>>If you wait too long to clean your still, that sludge cakes to sides like
rocks.  Imagine what it does to people's arteries.<<

This is exactly the same pseudoscientific nonsense that the local Culligan
man and Kinetico guy tried on me to get me to install their water filters,
purifiers, and softeners. I asked them to leave when they got to this
point. Your body is not at all like plumbing pipes. Not in any way
materially or in biological functioning. This "sludge" is predominantly
harmless or beneficial minerals and does NOT in any case stick to your
arteries or "build up" as. Sludge in your blood or other body fluids. To
think so is...well...I stop here because this level of misinformation or
ignorance helps feed the sales charlatans across the continent who play on
people's ignorance and fear.

Again, do what you wish, but please get the biology right if you intend to
keep the thread going.

Kirk (resident anti-psuedoscientist)

On Tuesday, June 4, 2013, Raybob Bowman wrote:

> On 6/4/2013 10:00 AM, homeroast-request at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com wrote:
>> All I need to know about water quality is what is left after you do a
>> batch of distilled water... it is disgusting, and knowing I am not
>> eating that brown sludge is good enough for me.
>> Jer
> No kidding.  My grandparents had a water still in their basement. They
> both lived to 96, when my dad got a nurse to move in to theri house, to
> cook and clean for them.  She wasn't running the still, they both died
> within a year of her being there.  I got their still in '93.  I've used it
> in SF bay area and the sludge was brownish-gray.  Later moved to Tahoe, it
> was more whitish-grey. Later, I built house here in mountains, west of
> Tahoe on well system of 25 houses.  Now, it's almost pure white, but it's
> still sludge. If you wait too long to clean your still, that sludge cakes
> to sides like rocks.  Imagine what it does to people's arteries.
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