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Hrm - maybe you should tell that to whiskey makers :)

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>>"All I need to know about water quality is what is left after you do a
>>batch of distilled water... it is disgusting, and knowing I am not
>>eating that brown sludge is good enough for me."
>>Interesting.?? If you distilled your coffee, there would be brown 
>>sludge.? If you distilled lasagna, there would be brown sludge.? 
>>Having pure water at the end doesn't mean that what was there 
>>before would have tasted bad.
>>That said, if you like it that way, go for it.
>FYI: You can't distill coffee.  If you put coffee, or anything in a 
>distiller, the only thing that expands when it turns to steam is water.
>Whatever isn't boiled water remains in the still.  If you put coffee 
>in, you get pure water out, coffee stays in still.
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