[Homeroast] Distilled H2O

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> Let's see...
> There is and never has been anywhere on this earth that distiller water
> exists for consumption or use by organisms. Whether you believe organisms
> where placed here "as is" or evolved to what we see today, none are adapted
> for use/consumption of "pure" (i.e. distiller) water. The minerals in most
> waters of the world are actually quite beneficial to living things.
Ever since creation (or big bang if you believe that), H2O was pure.  
Until the 1700s, water was pure.  Ever since crude oil has been dug up 
and burnt into the atmosphere, air and water were pure. Now, air and 
water is contaminated.  Not like it was in 1700s or even early 1800s.  
Now, with all commercal jets burning billions of gallons of raw kerosine 
(JP4), air has become polluted around the world.  When it rains, ALL 
that pollution ends up in ground water.

Pure water should have absolutely NO taste whatsoever.

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