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> Here here Mike.  I twitched when I read sludge.  Just because water
> has 'stuff' in it doesn't make it bad.  We live off of 'stuff'.  Just
> about the same twitch as reading that distilled water 'flushes' you
> out.  More power to you to not going to the doctor in years, or not
> feeling full from pasta cooked with 'pure' water, but the the amount
> of 'stuff' in standard drinking water is so small compared to the
> water, I just can't put any credence in it.  Sorry.  Heck, English
> ales are renowned for the body that minerals brings out (note I
> didn't say adds) in their ales.  I personally think the same is true
> of coffee.  Coffee brewed with mineral free water seems lacking.  And
> I happen to love the flavor of distilled and DI water - have always
> found it kind of sweet.
> But as Mike say, it really only matters what you like.
> John
John, If you are eating right, you should be getting all your minerals 
and 'stuff' from your food, not your water.  I began distilled water in 
'91.  I haven't wanted to see a doctor since.  I also, later switched to 
organic foods, later to raw (unpasteurized) milk.  When everyone in town 
is catching some flu or virus, it NEVER gets me or my family.


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