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Don't believe anyone said anything about blindly accepting municipality
water. All my drinking water at home and at my coffeehouses is filtered. And
generally speaking we start with pretty good water in the Pacific Northwest.

And just to continue the fun gonna bring back your idea of naturally
occurring "distilled" water condensing on a rock. That rock is made of
minerals and hence (not a chemist so not 100% sure but logic dictates) that
condensing water on said rock will take on some of it's minerals! The purest
snow fed rushing stream from the highest most remote mountains contain
minerals from the particular rocks it's rushing over. It's nature's way of
giving us many of the minerals others have mentioned our bodies needing.

There is a HUGE difference between naturally occurring minerals in water and
things like chlorine or fluoride and other contaminants added by man and
industrial pollution. And most certainly depending on the "natural" water
source the particular mineral content may or may not be ideal for human

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On 13-06-04 03:03 PM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
> You could also live in a bubble with purified air since most assuredly 
> you are breathing airborne contaminants as you typed...

What I don't understand is the vilification of distilled water. People get
really passionate about telling me I am hurting myself or my coffee or my
coffee machines... and yet I can't seem to shake any actual facts out about
why they believe this.

On your topic, since I breathe in contaminants why do I bother to eat well?
I should just eat McDonalds all day. Why exercise? I am just breathing in
more bad stuff. Just because I take steps to be healthy doesn't mean I want
to be a bubble boy, I don't actually care much about germs at all, I have a
strong immune system, but that doesn't help when dealing with the toxic soup
I have already shown is in your and my water.

Just as another for-instance, we (in Montreal) just had a mandatory
boil-water notice go out because of a mistake in a water treatment plant,
over 3 million people had to boil all cooking and drinking water for days,
and this is a major metropolitan area. If you feel secure that this does not
occasionally happen without prior notice, then great, but I am not that
blindly trusting of our water keepers.

I believe I have said what I needed to say, and despite differing opinions,
this is one of the longest threads this mailing list has had in a while, so
I suppose we have accomplished something.


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