[Homeroast] Boiler auto-fill circuity and distilled water RE: Distilled H2O

miKe mcKoffee mckona at comcast.net
Tue Jun 4 13:17:11 CDT 2013

First it must be understood how the boiler auto-fill circuit works. A probe
has one end IN the water closing the electrical circuit. When the water
level goes below the probe the circuit opens, triggering the computer brain
to perform an "auto-fill".

The question then is "does distilled water conduct electricity?" Do your
research, in distilled water the water atom has no charge, not positive or
negative but is neutral. Electricity flows by the exchange of positive or
negative charged electrons atom to atom. Since distilled water atoms have no
charge there can be no electron exchange - no flow of electricity.

What an individual chooses to brew their coffee with I don't give a rip.
However anyone choosing to use (near) distilled water in an espresso machine
with auto-fill steam boiler is flirting with a flood disaster. It's science
not speculation. Some mineral content in water is required for electricity
to flow, period.

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