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Janomac janomac at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 23:37:39 CDT 2013

Let's see...
There is and never has been anywhere on this earth that distiller water
exists for consumption or use by organisms. Whether you believe organisms
where placed here "as is" or evolved to what we see today, none are adapted
for use/consumption of "pure" (i.e. distiller) water. The minerals in most
waters of the world are actually quite beneficial to living things. These
minerals buffer the pH of the water and provide necessary minerals and ions
our bodies need. Taking them out of the water is an unnecessary use of
energy and adds little to no health benefit (unless you have the rotten
luck to live where your water travels thru uranium tailings)... In fact, if
you drink distilled water with no mineral load at all, you subject your
cells to osmotic influences unseen in nature. Distilled water is quite
unnatural and contrary to what our bodies have adapted to over many
millennia. Consuming more than a small amount of distilled water requires
addition of extra minerals in the diet. I'd rather drink my "sweet water"
(water from limestone aquifers) to get good tasting water with many of my
minerals in assimilible forms, than to spend beaucoup $$ on mineral
supplements, often in less assimilble forms.

I would also bet that water out of your still (distiller) is not exiting at
neutral pH (7), but rather, is probably acidic at around pH 6 (10x more
acidic than pH 7) to maybe 6.5. "Normal" mineralized tap water and
groundwater has a more basic profile at pH 7.2-7.8. If you are using
unbuffered distilled water in your coffee makers, you are likely leaching
metals from the boilers and tubing far far more than buffered mineralized
water (all that gunk you seem to dislike) and are added those metals like
chromium, molybdenum, copper, zinc, and whatever was used in the
welding/brazing/soldering rods during manufacture, plus plasticizers (in
plastic hosing or plastic holding tanks). I don't know about you, but I'd
rather have extra calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, or a little extra
iron in my water--and by extension, my food and coffee-- than too much
chromium or similar metals. I use distilled water in laboratory settings,
but never offer it to my living critters. I only use distilled water in
borosilicate glass (we have measured leaching of silicates and sodium from
"flint" glass) or in laboratory grade stainless steel, which had harder
carbon steel and less chromium than consumer grade food stainless cookware.

Just sayin' that a little science goes a long way to help understanding
what our bodies need and how our taste buds respond.
Drink what you like, but don't dis the minerals in your water...your body
wants them.

Kirk (resident biologist and keeper of many critters)

On Monday, June 3, 2013, Raybob Bowman wrote:

> Just wondering how many on this list brew coffee with distilled water..
>  Many years ago, I used to drink mucho beer.  I stopped that and began
> drinking mucho coffee, all the time.  I found out getting whole bean and
> grinding just before brewing made it better.  Then I found a 'gourmet'
> coffee shop and got better beans.  At that shop, I mentioned using spring
> water making it better.  She said try distilled.  There's absolutely
> nothing bonded to the atoms yet, so it pulls more flavor from the beans.
> I found she was SO right.  Not only that, the health benefits of distilled
> water cleansing everything out of your body as you drink it.  That was in
> '91 I began using distilled H2O for coffee, then later for all food prep
> especially boiled noodles, beans, etc., that normally fill up with all the
> stones (minerals) in the condensed boiled tap water.  Now I can eat heaps
> of spagetti and never get that bloated feeling.  As for health, I haven't
> needed to see a doctor since '91, I'm turning 58 this year and am far
> healthier than I was at 38.
> Additional benefit, I can have a cup before bed, still sleep like a baby.
> Raybob
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