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My better half has a house in Lake Tahoe, on the Nevada side. I don't think I've tasted water that tastes better than that, and even she agrees it makes great coffee. I'm quite sure there are dissolved minerals in it but it makes for great taste. 


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> On 13-06-03 07:00 PM, Sandy Andina wrote:
>> Depends on how good your tap water tastes (whether or not you filter it)
> or if you use bottled natural spring water as I do for my espresso machine.
> I tried distilled water for drip, and the coffee tasted flat--I have good
> tap water and I use it filtered for drip.  Never use distilled in an
> espresso machine, since both auto-boiler refill and tank sensors need a
> trace of minerals to detect water.
>> Peace & Song,
>> Sandy Andina
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> I will just add that I have used distilled water in my Behmor Brazen, in my
> Lelit espresso machine and in my Gaggia platinum vision (and aeropress,
> syphon machine, tea, etc) for over a year and I have had no problems. YMMV.
>> Jer
> Neither the Lelit or Gaggia Super Auto have a dedicated steam boiler which
> to my knowledge always has water level sensor for auto-fill. In fact I don't
> know of any single boiler dual use espresso machines with auto-fill feature
> and hence don't have auto-fill sensor. However most (all I know of and know
> many in good detail) water tank models use a weight based not electrical
> current method for water tank running low so water mineral content
> irrelevant in that respect.
> I also don't know a single coffee professional that doesn't find water with
> a slight mineral content superior to distilled in the brewed cup. Which is
> irrelevant to what floats your boat. 
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