[Homeroast] Distilled H2O

J3R j at j3r.org
Mon Jun 3 17:20:25 CDT 2013

On 13-06-03 01:54 PM, Raybob Bowman wrote:
> Just wondering how many on this list brew coffee with distilled 
> water..  Many years ago, I used to drink mucho beer.  I stopped that 
> and began drinking mucho coffee, all the time.  I found out getting 
> whole bean and grinding just before brewing made it better.  Then I 
> found a 'gourmet' coffee shop and got better beans.  At that shop, I 
> mentioned using spring water making it better.  She said try 
> distilled.  There's absolutely nothing bonded to the atoms yet, so it 
> pulls more flavor from the beans.
> I found she was SO right.  Not only that, the health benefits of 
> distilled water cleansing everything out of your body as you drink 
> it.  That was in '91 I began using distilled H2O for coffee, then 
> later for all food prep especially boiled noodles, beans, etc., that 
> normally fill up with all the stones (minerals) in the condensed 
> boiled tap water.  Now I can eat heaps of spagetti and never get that 
> bloated feeling.  As for health, I haven't needed to see a doctor 
> since '91, I'm turning 58 this year and am far healthier than I was at 
> 38.
> Additional benefit, I can have a cup before bed, still sleep like a baby.
> Raybob

I asked this same question on the list last year, since I distill all my 
water for cooking and drinking (and brewing). The consensus was it 
"doesn't taste as good", and this is similar to what you see people 
writing on the net. People are used to the particular taste of tap water 
(in contrast to distilled which has no taste at all), and they seem to 
miss it when it is gone.

For me, I want my coffee to taste like coffee, not the impurities in 
water, but hey, it is a personal choice.

All I need to know about water quality is what is left after you do a 
batch of distilled water... it is disgusting, and knowing I am not 
eating that brown sludge is good enough for me.


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