[Homeroast] Liquid from Hottop

javafool46 at gmail.com javafool46 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 12:21:36 CDT 2013

Hi all,

My original email literally took 7 days to show up on the list (sent on the
10th and showed up on the 17th) so I didn't even realize that anyone had
responded until I checked just now.  I'm puzzled as to why that happened and
wondering when this one will show up.  I just recently resubscribed to the
list and this was my first post so I'm hoping that future posts aren't

Anyway, the dripping hasn't been consistent since I posted.  I'm thinking
that it's the water content since it didn't happen with the previous supply
that I had.  I'll get to check this when I get some new beans.  I'm just
glad that I didn't order my usual 20 lb bag so I'll probably be through this
order rather quickly.

Thanks for all of the responses,

Hi Gary,

I have Hottops three and four on my roasting bench in my garage in Florida 
and liquid very frequently drips from the bottom of my roasters. I have been 
roasting using Hottop roasters since shortly after they were released for 
sale. Coffee beans have about 15% moisture that goes somewhere during the 
roasting process. Some of it is removed by the fan but there is still 
condensation within the roaster. If you pull the filter immediately you 
should see evidence of the moisture on the filter.
I always remove the rear filter and the metal cover where you add the beans 
and let my roasters dry until my next roast. Before I did this I had even 
had problems with the beans ejecting prematurely due to restricted air flow 
due to moisture in the filter from a previous roast.
I hope this helps. I believe the Hottop need to dry out after roasting and a 
little extra air flow aids in the process.

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