[Homeroast] recommendation for a commercial machine for a faculty lounge

Michael Burer michaelhburer at me.com
Tue Jul 16 09:27:51 CDT 2013

Good morning, everyone!

The academic dean at my graduate school is looking to buy a commercial coffee maker for the faculty lounge. He is thinking of an automatic, self-service  machine. I'm imagining fresh beans go in a container at the top, the user presses a few buttons to make their selection, and the coffee is dispensed into a waiting cup. The budget is pretty vague ("thousands" is all I know at this point). It would get heavy use by lots of non-coffee specialists and very heavy use by a small cadre of coffee geeks, some of whom I converted myself. Can anyone recommend a machine for this type environment? Any info or links would be appreciated.

Many thanks,
Michael Burer

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