[Homeroast] Chaff

gin powell pchforever at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 06:13:05 CDT 2013

you are roasting in your home oven?

I would be much more concerned about a fire in the oven then a taste change
in the coffee itself.

got any pictures of your oven setup?


On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 10:49 AM, Raybob Bowman <raybob at tube-tone.com>wrote:

> Thanks.  I started roasting with the heat gun.  Great for consistency in
> the roast, compared to oven, but very dependent on weather outside.  Does
> blow chaff away as you roast which was a good thing.  May go back to that
> for rest of summer.  With oven roasting, if I don't blow it, just pour from
> pan to jars, I'm not really having any problems at all with chaff, just
> keeping it in the jars with the beans.  Another factor is the 1500watts/13
> minutes cost much more than the propane for my oven @ $1.65 per gallon
> delivered.
> Raybob
> On 7/14/2013 10:00 AM, homeroast-request at lists.**sweetmariascoffee.com<homeroast-request at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com>wrote:
>> From: Brian Kamnetz<bkamnetz at gmail.com>
>> I can't recall who it was, might have been Alchemist John, but someone
>> experimented with chaff a few years back and reported that chaff did not
>> affect the flavor of coffee. So as long as it doesn't clog up your
>> extraction, there shold be no problem.
>> You might want to consider getting a heat gun (e.g., $25 Wagner or
>> Milwaukee) and roast half a pound at a time, outside, or in a porch, shed,
>> etc. You have a bit more control of the temps than you would in the oven,
>> by raising or lowering the heat gun.
>> Brian
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