[Homeroast] Burundi Kirimiro Teka

Michael Baladi mike at baladi.ws
Mon Jul 15 11:48:23 CDT 2013

It was definitely strongest in the first week. I had one batch that rested for something like 8 or 10 days and I found it drinkable. Anything sooner than that and the smell just drove me crazy.

My roast was pretty much full heat until first crack (somewhere in the 13 minute range to first) and then backing off and coasting along for just shy of 3 minutes past the start of first before cooling down. Second should have began around 3:30 or 4 past the start of first.

Most of it was brewed in a Technivorm using the fill/stir method.

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I'm pulling from memory here (notes at home), but I've dug it pretty well.
 I tend to heavier bodied brews.  IIRC, mine would have been FC most
likely.  I need to roast a batch tonight, so maybe I'll drop the Burundi in
and see if I get anything similar.

How much rest did you give the roast?  Brew methods, or did you get that


Jason Brooks
brookswv at gmail.com

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