[Homeroast] What Coffee Do You Buy, When You Can't Roast

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Sun Jul 14 14:40:19 CDT 2013

Chuckle....  The Romans had a forum too.  I remember the "good ole days" of 
this list, forum, whateveryawannacallit.  On occasion there was some 
similarity to the Roman version.  The revival of this list is reminding me 
of a family reunion.  Some old farts, some new folks, some happy, some 
grouchy.  But always a lively bunch.

When I can't roast, or get lazy, all it takes is a can of Foulgers and I'm 
back to roasting.  Even the specialty roasters in this area don't seem to 
better my own roast.


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> to the list...
> I have been around a long time on the list...
>>>>Forums are too
> categorized.<<<
> your comment is a moot point.  life is too
> categorized...
> you take what you want from here but do you use that information to help
> others
> or is it simply for you???
> this is a forum regardless of how you see it, what you call it -
> this is a forum for coffee.
> why is that an issue for you or anyone???\
> makes no difference what you call a coffee list it is a forum for
> thought.......
> this has always been the best place for general coffee talk. yes other
> forums have come into place for
> the same reasons but have evolved into specific topics because that  is 
> the
> way members took/take
> the conversations.
> is SM not a place to be because it is not as populated as it was 6 years
> ago, no of course not.
> to say that you are the only place to have long conversations is stupid
> Martin.
> ginny

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