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Edward C Rasmussen edras at uwyo.edu
Sat Jul 13 09:51:15 CDT 2013

Compared to the flavors of the coffee bean itself, I don't think chaff itself would add or subtract much flavor from the cup.  My greater concern would be with the brewing method.

If you're brewing by French press or "cowboy coffee" where the grounds are just steeped and then the coffee decanted off, I don't think it would make much difference.  But if you are brewing by some sort of filter method, then I would think the chaff might clog the filter more rapidly and slow the passage of water through the grounds and change the resulting flavor of the coffee, either for good or for bad.  

If your coffee still tastes OK then it's probably not a problem.  If there's much chaff left on my roasted beans it seems to show up with static electricity when grinding.  Like you, I usually take a couple of strainers out into the back yard to get as much of the remaining chaff off the beans as possible just because it's less messy when grinding.  


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I'm relatively new to roasting <1 yr, roasting in drilled pan in oven 
480 @ 13-14 min., homemade shroud over oven when smoke stage. Of course, 
there is chaff everywhere unless I take outside, remove with two 
strainers.  Recently, I've just been leaving the chaff with the beans 
and don't think I notice a difference in taste.  Am I doing something wrong?


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