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I'll add that increasing bean mass to reduce air flow will only increase
heat rate of rise to a point, then rise will drop because of too great a
mass for available btu's versus mass to absorb heat. 

As far as actual available voltage affecting heat, extremely so. Which is
why you don't just want a variable transformer than can "only" attenuate
voltage, but want one that can also increase voltage. Not all can. I've
always used models capable of 20% voltage increase to both compensate for
voltage sags during peak usage times as well as better profile control
hitting the heater hard as/when needed.

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Hi Robert,

Yes, you read correctly that increasing bean load shortens popper roast
times IF you don't have a way to reduce the air flow.  By increasing load,
you are decreasing flow.  But in your case, you already have dial control of
your air flow, so a higher load won't help.  It will just cause you to turn
up your air flow to keep the system fluidized.  Clearer?

And yes, voltage will make a huge difference.


At 02:37 PM 7/11/2013, you wrote:
>Hi, Alchemist,
>Thanks for your thoughts!  Glad to know nichrome doesn't 'tire out' 
>(indeed that was one of my worries).
>I will try reducing air flow.  The Wear-Ever 1400W Popcorn Pumper is 
>tilted to improve bean motion.
>It seems to me that I read that Increasing Bean Load shortened popper 
>roast time (counterintuitively), but I might be mis-remembering.
>I will check the line voltage, too.
>This list has been a wonderful resource for me!
>Happy Roasting,
>robert yoder
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> >
> > E-gads, this is like old times.  Loving it.
> >
> > To my knowledge, nichrome (or any resistive heater) does not 'tire 
> > out' to any noticeable degree.  They fail, but that's it.  So you 
> > can take that off the table.
> >
> > My basic take is that you should continue to reduce the air flow to 
> > the point it is just able to keep the beans lofted.  If you are 
> > already there, then instead of increasing bean mass, you may need to 
> > lower bean mass.  I know often you increase mass to reduce loft, but 
> > in your case, that is already covered with the fan.  If you have a 
> > low fan, and heat at maximum, the only other place to go is reducing 
> > the amount of heat needed.
> >
> > BTW, which popper are you using?  And what is your initial bean 
> > mass?  And are you tilting your popper or is it flat?
> >
> > John
> >
> > At 10:09 PM 7/10/2013, you wrote:
> > >Greetings, group,
> > >
> > >I am currently using a modified popper (Independetly-controlled 
> > >Heat and Fan with Bean Mass Temperature Probe) and have a question 
> > >about optimal  adjustment of the Fan Speed.  I haven't had much in 
> > >the way of guidance, but have found some discussion of Fan Speed in 
> > >respect to Bean-Lofting, so I've started roasts with enough fan to 
> > >loft the beans and reduced fan as the beans lose weight (in order 
> > >to keep them from being blown out)  Lately, I seem to be noticing 
> > >difficulty in reaching a target Bean Mass Temperature and wonder if 
> > >I should increase or decrease fan speed to speed the roast to its
> > >I am considering the possibility that the heater element is tiring 
> > >out, and also considering increasing batch-size.
> > >
> > >I would be greatful for any experience-sharing offered, and would 
> > >also be happy to see the list turn away water-gazing, at least for
> > >
> > >Happy Roasting,
> > >
> > >robert yoder
> > >
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