[Homeroast] What Coffee Do You Buy, When You Can't Roast

Michael Baladi mike at baladi.ws
Fri Jul 12 18:11:41 CDT 2013

I'm sorry but a website alone isn't advertisement. To get the traffic you are talking about means you put your name out there. Whether it was google, ad's, emails, word of mouth. My point is that a web site is a source of information that requires people to go to. That requires some kind of notification for people to learn about. If I create a hypothetical website called www.coffeeexpertroaster.com and do NOT advertise the website. No one will ever know to go to it. Yes, they are great for conveying information, once you've established traffic to them. They write entire books on strategy to get traffic to your website. It's the advertisement that gets people to your website. 

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