[Homeroast] Last of Mohicans (final cup of Koratie DP)

sci scizen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 13:59:29 CDT 2013

As I type, the lingering aftertaste of my last cup of 2008 Koratie DP fades
like a sunset with dazzling hues of purple, pink and turquoise. After
finding a long lost pound in my ice cave still vacuum sealed, I roasted her
to a C+. [end of 1C plus 15 seconds.] I used an AP [22g and 12oz h20] using
a Swiss gold screen. Thick body and fruity flavors still smack you in the
face. Strawberry in dry grind and cool end of cup--a very interesting cup
of coffee.

All I can say is that this bean really held up to 4+ years of this special
storage. Perhaps DPs can handle it. I've had good results with WPs up to
2+yrs. I currently have about 20lbs of various SM offerings going back 1-3
years, half of which are DPs, mostly 1/2lb samples for 1 roast in the Qm3.
And since I'm in a serious stash reduction mode (what!?! no SM
orders?--sheesh), I will be roasting through them quickly.

If I stumble across something stupendous again, I'll post a note.

Happy roasting,

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