[Homeroast] New Neighbor

Barry Luterman lutermanb at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 12:04:29 CDT 2013

They built a new house next door to us. The new neighbors moved in
just before Christmas. We invited them over for coffee. I brewed up
something or other. When they came in and saw my Technivorm the new
neighbor got all excited and started to tell me how excited he was. It
seems his wife had just given him a Kurig pod machine for Christmas.
He had four (4) cups of my coffee while I explained about grinding and
stale coffee etc. I offered to lend him an old grinder and french
press I had. A month later he borrowed my back-up Behmor. Yesterday I
asked him what he was drinking and he went into a long description of
his latest roast and how it subtley changed as the cup cooled. This
morning I noticed the Kurig and pods on Craig's list.

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