[Homeroast] What Coffee Do You Buy, When You Can't Roast

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This is an email list, not a forum. Email lists are one of the biggest form of advertisement on the planet. What do you think most SPAM is? If I'm forming a new business and only advertised on my website I can guarantee you I'd fail as a business.

The greatest weakness of this list as a form of record on discussion of beans is the lack of history. I don't have a local copy of everything sent on the list. The copy I have seen online, frankly, the interface sucks.

Not to mention, I think there's a lot of potential to a direct link from the ordering page to a history of the beans purchased from that coop/farm/etc...

Not just Tom's views, but discussion on that bean as well.

No one's forcing anyone to use that information, but I think it'd be a great resource for those interested.

I don't know, I guess Amazon has it wrong by leveraging user reviews? Yes, there's a lot of crap to weed through on there sometimes, but if you know how to use them I find them invaluable.

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I just woke up ... I'll be quick with my useless comment.

Marketing is on the web site. If you rely on a forum for marketing ... Good luck.

>From the Merriam-Webster definition of FORUM:

a : the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business
b : a public meeting place for open discussion
c : a medium (as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of ideas

Nothing there about ideas expressed having to make any sense :). Thank you for expressing your ideas. We are also expressing ours. I
don't criticise you for expressing yours, I just really don't agree. OTOH, you did get me to post.

I like dysfunctional - normalcy is way over-rated. Most progress comes from dysfunctional thinking :)

You can see some landscapes in my dysfunctional web site:

Or check out my way old coffee roasting database (MS Access required)

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