[Homeroast] What Coffee Do You Buy, When You Can't Roast

Michael Baladi mike at baladi.ws
Wed Jul 10 14:49:49 CDT 2013


That's not playing fair, you snipped a bit out of context!

Right after your snip I said: I can hop on SM and order top tier coffee to roast all year around. Most (not all, just most) local roasters around me, whether due to inability to source, inability to pay the premium, or whatever, start with a much lesser bean.

That is absolutely true. There is no roaster around me that offers top tier beans that I know of.

I agree that "top commercial roasters" bring in greens that are on par. Maybe what we disagree on is the occurence of top commercial roasters. It's non-existent by me.


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>> what I'd argue is more generally true however is that the quality of bean
available to the home roaster is much higher in general.

At one time I might have thought and said the same thing, but it's
absolutely untrue. I've seen both sides intimately for many years now. Tom
does not have a lock on top greens but any stretch of the imagination. Top
commercial roasters bring in greens every bit on par with what Tom offers.

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