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>> I do agree that home roasters aren't up to par with the profiling that
commercial roasters are capable of..... 

I disagree. Some home roasters (the person and the appliance, usually using
modified equipment) are quite capable of very precise profile control and
repeatability. A modified popcorn popper with independent variable heat and
fan control combined with bean and environment temperature monitoring is all
that's needed for excellent profile control.

>> what I'd argue is more generally true however is that the quality of bean
available to the home roaster is much higher in general.

At one time I might have thought and said the same thing, but it's
absolutely untrue. I've seen both sides intimately for many years now. Tom
does not have a lock on top greens but any stretch of the imagination. Top
commercial roasters bring in greens every bit on par with what Tom offers.

An advantage home roasting has one can (theoretically) roast exactly how
they prefer each bean, assuming one has the ability to monitor and control
their roasts repeatably. A disadvantage home roasting most don't actually
take the time test 3, 6, a dozen or more test batches over a number of weeks
(resting the coffee between tests) to determine what roast level/profile
they actually prefer for each given bean!

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